How does it work?

There are four models in the Parkland Agro-Master bale accumulator range. The 443 and 445 take three or five midi bales, whilst the other two models, the 453 and 455, can handle three and five maxi bales respectively.All accumulators are fitted with a system that includes an hydraulic table and a series of rollers. The hydaulic table has two functions. It provides a low enough height for any baler, and it’s part of the optional scale system.

With the hydraulic table in the down position, it allows the bale to come straight out of the baler chamber. Once the bale’s centre of gravity passes the first roller, the table tilts so that the bale can be pushed aside. Once that process is complete, the table automatically lowers again ready to receive the next bale. To more accurately guage your straw yields, the accumulators have a scale system as an optional extra. If fitted, you can record the weight of each bale while the table lifts.
The Parkland Agro-Master Bale Accumulator offers the most modern technology, coupled with a proven track record of being the most efficient resource for big bale handling operations.

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