How Does It Save Time And Money?

Whatever the views of growers are in regards to selling straw off-the-field rather than chopping and incorporated it, the commodity is more in-demand than ever and so becoming increasingly valuable. Whether straw is used for livestock, horticulture, bedding, fodder, biomass, building insulation or roof thatching, it’s versitility sees that it’s in constant demand. And whilst there’s great demand there’s great value.

Parkland Agro-Master bale accumulators have been designed with controlled traffic farming in mind. CTF helps reduce production costs, increase yields, improve soil health and deliver positively to the environment.
Delivering bales on the headland means less land compaction across your fields as the accumulators run in the same wheeling’s as that of the baler and tractor. Delivering bales in rows means quicker collection and carting times. This leads to decreasing fuel consumption by up to a third, as well as the hours and costs saved on labour.
When you live in a climate that is as unpredictable as that of the UK and Ireland, it makes sense to be able to quickly and efficiently collect and protect your valuable stock of straw bales before the worst of the weather sets in. 


Protect Your Outdoor Straw Stacks From the Weather