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Straw is going to be in short supply in the next twelve months, so it will be vital to protect the stocks we have from being ruined by water damage. ProStraw Systems stack cover sheets protected over 75,000 tonnes of UK straw during last winter,  proving their durability and reliability during one of the wettest winter’s in recent memory.


Avoid disappointment by ordering your ProStraw sheets now, and protect your valuable straw after this year’s harvest. Prices start from £1595. Call us today for more information.



An all-too-familiar sight with bales stacked in the open-air. It’s estimated that 10-15% of all straw produced in the UK is wasted annually due to water damage. ProStraw Systems help eliminate the waste that costs you money.



The biggest reasons cited for not covering stacks is the potential risks from working at height. ProStraw stack cover system is designed and mechanically fitted so that no-one needs to leave the ground. The system is fully approved by NFU Health and Safety.



The ProStraw stack cover system uses robust materials and a patented method of application. The life expectancy of the cover system is between five to ten years under normal operating and weather conditions. 

An introduction to the ProStraw Systems stack cover sheet

Will Reed explains the workings and benefits of the unique ProStraw mechanised stack cover system. 

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To find out more about how ProStraw Systems can help eliminate your straw waste, get in touch with Paddy and his team.

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